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[-] Welcome

Welcome to JavaScript-FX. Here you will find JavaScripts that have been developed using Object Oriented (OO) methods as opposed to the more normal "Procedural" JavaScript. For this reason you can have multiple versions of the same script on one page and you can easily combine any of the scripts. For quick access follow this link to the JavaScripts.

To all the people trying to buy JSFX.com as an investment/trading opportunity, please note that this site is registered under JavaScript-FX.com JavaScriptFX.com and JSFX.com for short. I have no intention of selling the domain name.

[-] Site News - (Oct 3 2003)

As you may have noticed this site has not been updated in a while. There are 3 very good reasons for this...

1) I have a new job and am having to learn tons of new stuff which takes up loads of my time (and brain power, not much left these days).
2) I wasted time trying to change the style of the site and created a ton of new pages that were xhtml transition compliant (well almost, I needed it to work in NS4).
3) I was spending a lot of time creating pages on how to install, modify, customize scripts. I was wondering if there were a way to
    a) Easily install a script (just cut'n'paste 1 block of text).
    b) Install multiple copies of the script by just cutting and pasting the EXACT SAME block of text into another place on your web page.
    c) Install multiple different scripts without conflict.

Well, I have come up with a solution. It will make scripts even easier to install and configure. It is harder for the programmer to produce this kind of script but it makes it much easier for the user to install the script. I am now working on converting some of the more useful scripts from this site to this new technique and that too is eating up my time. However, it is kind of neat to open up your webpage in a text editor and cut'n'paste a single block of text and see an exact duplicate of the script appear with no errors and no conflicts. It's like copying the HTML for an image and seeing another copy of the image appear. No need to change variable names or create 'objects' with different names or put "this in the HEAD, this in the BODY, this in the 'onload' command".

Having said all that, I was browsing the web and came across some fading routines and realized that the ImageFader script (in the Navigation Section) could be adapted to fade any kind of HTML element. It is still In Development but may be worth a look (demo1, demo2).

[-] Site News - (July 23 2003)

It is difficult to find time to update the site but here is a useless little script that some may find amusing (for a short while). Mouse Attack: demo1 : demo2.

Here is a script that you may find more usefull. It is a copy of the linkfader script used on this page but modified to allow only links of a selected class to be faded. Check out these demo's : demo1 ; demo2 : demo3.

[-] Site News - (June 11 2003)

The reason for no site updates recently is that the site is undergoing a complete overhaul. The redesign is taking way too long so I had to post this script before July 4th came and went. It is actually a collection of scripts to provide different fireworks effects in a web page. Check it out.

[-] Site News - (March 11 2003)

The new "Squidies" mouse trailer script has been completed and added to the Mouse Trailer script section. The download and install instructions have been added there as well. I have also added some simple install instructions for the script as I have submitted it to some JavaScript sites and have learned by experience that new visitors to this site cannot be bothered to read the help links and tutorials and want a "quick fix" install.

I have also been working (In Development) on some new text color changing scripts. One (spancycle) just cycles the color of a <span> of text. The others (demo1, demo2) cycle the colors of certain links. The scripts can be used to draw attention to certain parts of the web page without using the annoying <blink> tag.

[-] Site News - (March 06 2003) - *** WARNING ***

The demo.zip file of Trans Rollovers had the wrong version of JSFX_TransRollovers.js included in the archive. This causes a copyright banner to be displayed and a JavaScript error to occur in IE5. If you have used Trans Rollovers on your site please download the latest version and use the new JSFX_TransRollover.js file from it.

[-] Site News - (March 06 2003)

I am close to posting the new Squidie Mouse Trail script. I have created my own images so I can provide a complete application (script + images) for download. If you want an early preview (no install instructions) see this demo. You can download the demo and you should be able to install the script by following the instructions of any other other Mouse Trail Scripts.

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