This demo just bounces balls around the screen. However, it is the basis for all the other page animations..

Wavy Blobs - (A more complex Sprites demo)
Whilst blazing around the Internet with my new DSL connection I came across the site Evolve that had the following DHTML animation, Wavy Blobs, (amongst many other great DHTML animations !!!). Here is JSFX version(s) of "Wavy Blobs".

Falling Objects (Snow)
This script used to be called "Snow" but I got fed up of people thinking that is all it could be used for. In fact, it can be used to make any image or text (or any combination - remember, OO code!) be a falling object in the browser.

Bubbles drift up the whole of the page.

Fireworks explode all over the page. Works best on a black background but the images are transparent so they will work on any page.

When I saw this demo on DynamicDrive I just had create my own. Moving your mouse over resting butterflies causes them to move. Clicking on them makes them dissappear.

The fireworks in this script are launched from the "Ground", travel up and then explode!!

This script animates "Things" on the page. I call them squidies because they remind me of "Squidies" from "The Matrix".
Check out the image demos

This script moves images randomly around the screen, appearing and dissapearing as they go. In IE4+ they fade in and out. (They would fade in NS6 too if it didn't keep crashing. I took the fade out for NS6)

Moving Images
This script moves images from left-to-right or right-to-left (depending on the parameters you set)